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  • Sunday, July 24, 2005

    Girlfriend in a Coma

    I really like Douglas Coupland's "Girlfriend in a Coma". This is my kind of apocalyptic story. Most of the story does not sound like a sci-fi, it could have taken place in our own neighbourhoods. I think I like it the best so far because we get to know the characters first. The story line leads us into the life and adventures of a group of high school students who like most teenagers are going through the trial and tribulations of teen life. With a large twist, one of the teens overdoses on Vallium and vodka and slips into a coma, for seventeen years. She wakes up and all of a sudden she is a mother and all of her friends have aged both physically and mentally, while she is still mentally 17. This is the begining of the sci-fi part. Until the realization of the "sleepers" or "leakers" the lives of these teens, now adults, are pretty realistic.
    Most of the other apocalyptic books and films starts with the apocalyptic event, or the event has already happened, "Girlfriend in a Coma" takes us through the lives of the characters first, ending the book with the apocalyptic event followed by a choice the characters have to make. I like this structure better. I guess with the films that have started after the apocalyptic event I always wonder what happened to cause the event, because most of them do not go into detail about how or what happened to cause the event, or what took place prior to the event. With "Girlfriend in a Coma" we get the before during and after... a complete story.
    Sort of, the ending of this book did leave me looking for the next chapter. A disappointing ending, in my oppinion, leaving us (well me anyway) hanging wondering what just happened. Don't get me wrong, I like the ending he provided, I like the fact that they get a second chance, I guess it was the way he went about it that confused me. Like Richard, I did not want Karen to go back into a coma, but I did not like the thought of letting them live on a dead earth either. Sooo... a chance to start over, even if means my closest friend, or girlfriend, remains in a coma... I am glad I did not have to make that choice. In this case I enjoyed being the reader and did not want to be one of the characters.

    I found several different covers for this book from all around the world, including the one I am reading, which is shown above.


    • At 8:44 PM, Blogger Lucy said…

      The first part of the novel was like going down memory lane for me. I graduated from high school in 1977 so all the references to the music, clothes, hair styles, and fads were very familiar. Having lived through the same era as the characters in the story made it seem more real to me than some of the other stories we have looked at. When Richard described Megan's "teen dramas" I instantly thought of my daughter when she was in middle school; black nail polish, torn fishnet stockings, mini kilts, army boots, Kurt Cobain, and The Misfits. I even remember the many times I heard The Cure as she was "sequestered behind her locked bedroom door." Ah, the memories.

      For me, Girlfriend in a Coma was a fun read but it wasn't my favorite.

    • At 12:50 AM, Blogger Miriam Jones said…

      An interesting series of posts, Marcy. I liked that you included negative reviews, even though you yourself like the novel.

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