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  • Tuesday, July 12, 2005

    Oryx & Crake

    Let's see, I really did not enjoy this story at all, and to be truthful, I couldn't even finish it. The only part I liked because it made me laugh was the names of all the new animals and the combination words. The attitude of the character Snowman/Jimmy towards women made me angry. Although I do agree with her underlying statement of how progress, if abused, could be the end of line for humankind. I guess I believe she could have made the same statement in a different kind of story. One not so. . . bleak. . .R rated. . . dramatic. . . maybe one with more science fiction to it and not so much. . . reality bites.


    • At 5:45 PM, Blogger Lucy said…

      There were parts of "Oryx and Crake" I felt bogged down and said, "enough already," but overall I enjoyed the book. The rhythm of the story and the lyrical feel to the language is something I found appealing. There are times when "reality bites" and I think that is something that Atwood handles very well. There is a fine line between exploiting the horrors of the world and using them to make us more aware and I think Atwood has delivered an effect warning.

      Check out Heather's blog and I think you might give the story another chance. Believe me, it is worth a second look.

    • At 4:36 PM, Blogger Miriam Jones said…

      I would echo Lucy's advice. Though I have to say, the first time I read it I did not like it nearly so much as I came to upon re-reading; I think the bleakness of the story itself needs to be processed a little before the reader can appreciate Atwood's crafts.


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